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If you've made a bucketlist, we're sure traveling is on that list. In this article you'll find some of the most beautiful places to visit around the world. You just can't miss these places, make sure to put them on your list as well!
Snoring; almost everyone does it. It doesn't have to mean there's anything wrong with you, but it can certainly be annoying to you and the people around you. In this article we explain the science behind snoring.
Why do we cry? - viewed 2341x
Crying is natural, but why exactly do we cry? We take a closer look at the science behind crying in "Why do we cry?".
Setting up an online business isn't easy. In this article you can read up on the seven fundamental steps to become a successful online business owner.
Not everyone is a well seasoned backpacker, which is exactly why this article will explain the ins- and outs of backpacking. Read tips about backpacking that will help you prepare for a safe and enjoyable adventure in the wild.
When grocery shopping we tend to get distracted by sales and various savings across the store. Most of these products we'll toss into the cart without even thinking twice about it- thus racking up the bill! Making a budget for your grocery trip could help you cut your bill.
Do you find yourself spending more money than you actually have every month? Don't let your debt build up- make a budget! A budget will help you gain insight and can help you save money.
Nobody likes a party without good party food. Thatís exactly why our easy-as-pie tuna recipe will be such a hit! Just a few ingredients (that are, fortunately, also super cheap) get you a long way. Give all of the ingredients a good mix and youíll have the best tasting tuna salad you and your friends will ever eat.
Beer is a beverage drunk by many and enjoyed by many, many more. Itís such a versatile drink; perfect for a night out, a social gathering with friends or to end your day with in a relaxed way. Are you a lover of beer, but are you sick of the same-old beer you drink? Try going out of your comfort zone with these five beers you just HA..
First dates are always exciting. Nerve-wracking, yes, but exciting. What to wear, what to wearÖ After youíve finally picked out your outfit, youíre ready to go. Your date picks you up, the night is going wonderfully, but in the end you end up never hearing from them again. What couldíve gone wrong? You can read that in the following ..
What is depression? - viewed 2483x
Weíre all a little sad sometimes, but that doesnít necessarily mean that weíre depressed. How can you tell when youíre depressed and youíre more than just ďa little sad?Ē Sometimes years and years of stress and low self-esteem can have a larger impact on you than you know, and you become depressed. Read more about depression in this ..
Global warming is a concept Al Gore has all taught us about with his movie ďAn Inconvenient Truth.Ē This movie premiered in 2006, and in it, Al Gore explains what global warming is, what causes it, and what we as humans can do about it. For those of you that havenít seen this movie, however, thereís this article. Weíll go in detail a..
How to make guacamole - viewed 4934x
Avocados: delicious, nutty flavor makes them super versatile, and personally, weíre a big fan of this oddly shaped fruit. If it were up to us, weíd put it in everything! Avocados are the main ingredient in guacamole; a traditional Mexican dip. In this article, youíll find the ingredients and more, so that youíll be on your way to mak..
How to create an app - viewed 4001x
Apps donít need to be games; they can be functional too! A well designed multi-functional calendar could help you out day to day, and a different app could help you track when you need to take your medicines again. There is money to be made from these apps, but what if you have a great idea, and donít know how to execute that? Learn ..
What is diabetes? - viewed 1911x
Diabetes is unfortunately much more common than you might think. You see, diabetes is linked to being overweight. Overweight people are growing in numbers and have been for years, now. African Americans also have a bigger chance to eventually get diabetes. Want to know more about diabetes and what it is? Read on.
Programming is only a hobby for some, but most people with the skill try to make a profession out of it. Itís used to make apps, websites and much more. In order to program, you need a programming language. Read more about programming languages in this article.
Thomas Jefferson is a fascinating figure, founding father, and author of the ever important declaration of independence. Itís no wonder that heís had such an impact on America. In this article, we take a closer look at Thomas Jefferson and some of his most famous quotes.
Some people might drink some alcohol every now and then to relax and let go of stress, others have a different vice that could easily get out of control. In this article you will find out what the most common addictions are.
Study tips - viewed 3055x
Studying can be difficult, especially when you have a lot to study and very little time to do it. Get the most out of your time and study efficiently with these tips.
Growing herbs - viewed 1997x
Very few things are as rewarding as growing something from scratch, which you can actually use to enhance your recipes. Herbs are easy to grow outdoors as well as indoors, and will spice up your foods in the best way possible.
Hundreds of artists look forward to the Grammyís every year. Will their album make the cut? Will one of their hit songs win song of the year? It is all a mystery to them and to us, but at least we know the nominees.
Gaming consoles - viewed 5566x
There are several game consoles out there, but the most well-known are the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. One is made by Sony, and one is made by Microsoft. Which one is better? In this article we are taking a closer look at the two. We compare graphics, performance and looks. Read this if you're looking for solid information on bot..
A lot of wars these days are for religious reasons, money reasons or because some country has an important monopoly some other country wants. The Australian Emu War, however, was a completely pointless war. Thousands of rounds of ammunition were wasted, and of course thousands of dollars were spent. The war only killed a small number..
Fallout 4 is quickly becoming one of the most loved games of 2015, and itís no wonder why; spectacular gameplay and visuals make this game perfect for the casual or avid gamer. The story captures you, and it really makes you love the character more. The world is enormous, and there are many things to explore. Are your ready to go on ..
Music is different for everyone. Sometimes you can be in the mood for a pick-me-up tune, sometimes you just want to rock out while doing the dishes. Indie is a genre that is most known for mellow, laid back music. Read about artists to look out for in this article. Who knows, you might be able to find out about some new artists. It's..
Love quotes - viewed 6353x
Even if youíve never been in a relationship, weíre sure youíve felt love before. You might have a loving family, or if you donítÖ you might have felt love coming from friends or even strangers. Love is hard to explain, and comes in different shapes and sizes. Love might mean something different to you than the next person. Letís hope..
Inspirational quotes - viewed 2090x
Do you feel stuck? Thatís okay. We all feel a little stuck sometimes. You might just need a good push. What works for me hopefully works for you as well; I like to read inspirational quotes. They motivate me in ways that I sometimes canít do myself. Occasionally I even get an important life lesson out of it. I hope itís the same for ..
How to make pizza - viewed 2436x
Pizza is delicious. We all know that. Pizza is also food for any kind of occasion. Just got dumped? Order pizza. No time to cook or donít want to? Order pizza. Need to spend more time with the kids? Make your own pizza. You see? Thereís plenty of ways pizza will solve all of your problems. Weíre kidding, but pizza is delicious. Want ..
Binge drinking - viewed 2204x
Have you ever heard of binge drinking? Binge drinking is a social behavior often witnessed in young adults, but it is also common in people over 65 years old. Binge drinking is a nasty habit thatís costing your country a lot of money, and is causing you health problems. Letís take a look at what binge drinking is, what kind of health..
How to learn English - viewed 1910x
A total of 840 million people in the world speak English. The only language that beats it is Mandarin, a Chinese language spoken bij 1030 million people. Looking at these facts, itís not strange that more and more people try to learn English. Itís one of the most spoken languages in the world! In this article weíll try to help you ou..
How to grow tomatoes - viewed 2030x
Growing tomatoes takes some hard work and dedication, but once everything is said and done it does pay off. By picking the right tomato plant to grow, giving the plant the attention it deserves so that it can thrive and more, your efforts will pay off in the form of delicious tomatoes. In this article youíll read some tips on how to ..
Deleting your Facebook account might seem like a last resort to some, but sometimes itís just necessary. Youíre sick of your relatives bothering you, being tagged in pictures you werenít ever there for, and people judging you for your relationship status. We get it! Thatís why we wrote this article, so that you can remove your Facebo..

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